Our work methodology

Any Internet interface can provide access to hackers for extortion and / or strategic exploitation, and the increase in online activity to fields such as SaaS and the storage of sensitive information on diverse sites adds potential weak points and exacerbates the need to build a complete mechanism that provides protection and recovery solutions.

If in the past the vulnerability of laptop and/or desktop computers was addressed on a specific basis, today we look at the entire environment including mail system servers, networks, endpoints, and even production lines. Beyond that, protecting the environment is not just about hardware solutions or applications, but also includes the human factor and work procedures.

In the critical field of data security, Chayon Technologies’ experts provide end-to-end custom-tailored services to any organization from any industry sector, in order to prevent breaches as much as possible.

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Our work methodology is built on several stages:

  1. Inspection of the existing environmental on the customer’s site that includes:
    Conversation / interview with the client about the current situation, challenges, and organizational goals.
    – Client site mapping.
    – Performing both external and internal Penetration Tests to check the present degree of protection against intrusion into the organization.
  2. Selection and adaptation of a data security solution to answer needs that were discovered.
  3. Installation and upgrades
  4. Integration with organizational systems, including:
    – Building a work methodology appropriate to the specific needs of the organization.
    – Working with the organization’s staff in order to assimilate correct work habits that can minimize human error and contribute to increasing data security and preventing breaches.
    – Refreshing procedures with the employees, including the use of phishing emails to check that the methodology is indeed translated into actions in practice.

  5. Ongoing testing and reassessment of the work environment and organizational culture in order to identify new needs as they occur.

Drawing from an abundance of resources from data security companies, cyber solutions, hardware and applications, we tailor the best solutions for the customer.

What makes us experts in data security?

  • Extensive experience with different systems and in creating full integration between them all – which is essential for proper construction of systems. For instance, a firewall which is connected improperly to data transmission networks will not prevent breaches.
  • A team of experts with rich experience and a broad understanding of everything happening in the world of IT.
  • Level of experience: We are one of the oldest companies in the market with an average of 20 years of experience.
  • We provide a complete and perfect solution – we look and learn about the whole organization, identify all its needs, and put together a solution that all parts of which work correctly together with one another. At Chayon Technologies we take full responsibility for everything that we do.

The solution does not end with the installation of the system

Even after installation we accompany and provide all appropriate support required for the organization.

We proactively initiate regular inspection processes for customers in a maintenance contract, so as to discover future problems that are not visible as yet.

We strive for full cooperation with all our customers. We give the organization all the tools they need to be as independent as possible in day-to-day management.

We accompany our customers in the management of the systems, are always available to answer questions and advise, and keep the customer up to date concerning all of the hottest solutions and innovations on the market.

Our additional solutions

  • Data communication security solutions

    Chayon Technologies provides NAC solutions that give the organization full management and control capabilities over all communications and mobile components, and blocks potential security breaches.

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  • Email infrastructure protection solutions

    Chayon Technologies provides a wide range of solutions for the protection of email accounts in the Office 365 cloud environment, and local Exchange servers, from the leading companies in the world such as Check Point, Cybonet, Fortinet and others, providing hermetic protection, filtering suspicious mail and blocking threats to the organizational network.

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  • Data security solutions for applications

    Chayon Technologies provides consulting, implementation and support services with the leading solutions in the field of web application protection from the F5 and Radware companies that provide an important layer of protection against dangerous cyber threats.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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