About Chayon Technologies

Chayon Technologies (formerly Chayon Computers) is one of the oldest and most dynamic companies in the Israeli computer and IT industry. The company was acquired by the All Trade Group in 2016 and serves as the Group’s technology arm.

Chayon Technologies provides a variety of computing equipment solutions and end-to-end integration to customers, and business and government organizations. The company works in partnership with approximately 20 leading brand manufacturers in the world and is considered a hardware broker with unique international connections that allow it to be a key player in the field of new and refurbished computing equipment, spare parts and solutions for End of Life electronics. In addition, it offers its customers savings in the form of purchasing old equipment that the organization is interested in replacing, which can be reused elsewhere, thus allowing the company’s customers to enjoy a reduced cost of the new equipment purchased.

Chayon Technologies’ customers are afforded Turn Key Solutions, from the single solution level to comprehensive, complex and strategic integration projects in enterprise environments. Chayon Technologies has customers from all areas of the economy, including government, security, financial, insurance, telecom, high-tech, industry and academia.

In addition, Chayon Technologies owns an IT expert solutions company – ELK Information Technologies, the Get Deal brand – an advanced plant for renewing computer equipment for private customers, retailers and trade sites, and the BIG thin client computing equipment brand.

Chayon Technologies’ holistic approach begins with an in-depth characterization of needs, mapping the existing infrastructure alongside the organization’s needs, regulations and stipulated business goals.

Chayon Technologies will be happy to be at your service and see how we can help your organization meet the challenges of tomorrow. This is what happens when strength and power meet.

Management Team

Management Team

Gadi Reichman
Gadi Reichman
CEO of All Trade Group and Chairman of the Board
Group CEO and Chairman of the Board. A graduate of law and business administration with a specialization in finance. Attorney at Law. Major (reserve) in an IDF elite unit.
Ran Tshuva
Ran Tshuva
Founder and company shareholder
Director of the company and manager of several strategic clients
Efi Chiosho
Efi Chiosho
CEO of the Computing Division
30 years of experience in the world of computing and IT equipment.
Zion Zofiof
Zion Zofiof
Vice President of Procurement
Has two degrees in Electronics Engineering (Cum laude), 20 years of experience in the local and global purchasing worlds, specializing mainly in international markets in computing, industry, and OEM, possesses creativity and a special ability to find opportunities in markets.
Dror Lavi
Dror Lavi
VP Business Development
25 years of experience in business management and development in the worlds of computing and IT equipment, with emphasis on OEM equipment.
Is very experienced working with public, government and large organizations in Israel and abroad.
Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.
Itamar Musafir
Itamar Musafir
VP of Technologies and Business Partners
Has rich and proven experience of over 20 years designing comprehensive architectures and integration solutions of private and hybrid clouds.
Oleg Kovalev
Oleg Kovalev
Has 28 years of IT infrastructure experience.

Our Logistics Center

Chayon Technologies has a huge Logistics Center, with a total area of 9 dunams, in the Barkan industrial area.

We have an on-hand inventory of all IT products, worth millions of NIS, which enables us to ensure our customers the most available and fastest service.

The Logistics Center also houses the company’s laboratories which are among the most advanced and state-of-the-art in the field, where equipment is inspected and  tested to strict standards before being sent to the customer.

Our service department and HELP DESK, that provides service to our customers 24/7, are also located in the Center.

This is our pride

Chayon Technologies strives for the highest levels of partnership with the best manufacturers in the world of computing.

Our Business Partners

Our Business Partners

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