Data communication security solutions

When it comes to data systems security, the corporate network is the largest “playground” for hackers and thieves. Unfortunately, the balance of power on the field is not equal: the organization must protect several points in the network in order to ensure complete protection, while the hacker needs to find only one route for maximum realization of a network breach.

Most organizations take care to purchase protection that will prevent breaches, detect attempts to hack software, or reveal hackers from open networks attempting to achieve entrance into the organization’s network. However, many organizations forget to protect and block access points to the internal network from within the internal network itself, thinking that the internal network is already protected. There are many cases in which an intentional breach occurs by way of devices that are connected to the internal network by guests or service providers who came to provide a one-time service, or unintentionally, by an infected personal device of one of the employees.

Therefore, in addition to prevention of external breaches, it is very important to manage the network connection permissions and prevent unwanted connection to the internal network as well. At Chayon Technologies we work with the best solutions in the field of Network Access Control (NAC), such as Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (HPE).

Our additional solutions

  • Our work methodology

    Data security for businesses and organizations is considered one of the most important, fascinating, and challenging fields of our time. Lately we have been witnessing breaches which are beyond all imagination. 

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  • Firewall solutions

    As a senior partner of Fortinet and Checkpoint, Chayon Technologies provides advanced firewall solutions to organizations of all sizes and from all corners of the economy. Our comprehensive service includes consulting, implementation, and support for advanced firewall systems.

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  • Data security solutions for end stations and mobile devices

    Chayon Technologies offers its customers a variety of solutions for endpoint stations and mobile devices, which will increase the degree of protection provided to the organization without dampening the work experience.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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