Email infrastructure protection solutions

One of the easiest and most well-known ways to breach an organization’s network / computers is by phishing the organization’s email users. In practice, the hackers send a link / software / image, etc. that contains a malicious file, to one of the email users of the organization in the hope that they will open the attachment. Since we cannot guarantee with certainty the actions of all email users in the organization, it is important not to ignore the potential danger of this situation, but rather to find solutions that will provide us with protection of the organizational email infrastructure.

Chayon Technologies’ experts implement smart practices for protecting email systems and infrastructures, including email filtering solutions and SandBox systems. We work with the best companies and solutions, with the Best of Breed, providing Trend Micro’s Vision One protection platform, which has been rated by Gartner as a leader for 20 years in a row, as well as Fortinet solutions.

Our additional solutions

  • Data communication security solutions

    Chayon Technologies provides NAC solutions that give the organization full management and control capabilities over all communications and mobile components, and blocks potential security breaches.

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  • Data security solutions for applications

    Chayon Technologies provides consulting, implementation and support services with the leading solutions in the field of web application protection from the F5 and Radware companies that provide an important layer of protection against dangerous cyber threats.

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  • Our work methodology

    Data security for businesses and organizations is considered one of the most important, fascinating, and challenging fields of our time. Lately we have been witnessing breaches which are beyond all imagination. Our many years of experience have helped us greatly to develop uncompromising work methodologies that show results.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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