Remotely managed Peripheral equipment technician services

Nationwide deployment of technician services for peripherals

Service and support for operating systems in endpoint equipment: workstations, mobiles, computer installation, IMAC (disassembly, transfer, installation, administration, settings and reconnection).

The service is provided nationwide from a central management center as required by contract (SLA).

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Laboratory services

The laboratory services are customized to meet the customer’s needs, whether the repairs are carried out at our Chayon Technologies laboratory or whether it is necessary to establish a laboratory at the customer’s site. Our experts in Chayon Technologies will provide you with the appropriate and preferred level of service of your choice, from the component repair level (Level D) and up to the level of warranty implementation opposite manufacturers / suppliers and defined guarantees for applications, for all products (servers, laptops, desktop computers, printers, scanners) from the best manufacturers.

Technicians as an outsourced service

In many cases, for a variety of reasons, there is a need for long-term or temporary recruitment of technicians or project managers. In such cases it is necessary to understand the needs and requirements of the organization, as well as having in-depth knowledge and experience in the field.

We at Chayon Technologies learn the needs of the client and the project, identify the needed solutions and provide appropriate professionals in perfect tailoring to the project needs and the corporate culture of the clients.

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Physical transferring of organizations / computer rooms as a turnkey project

When an organization “moves to a new apartment” there are many arrangements to be made.

This service is comprehensive and starts from the moment the decision is made to move: the entire site must be mapped (objects; organizational equipment; offices; computer, personal, and communication equipment; and passive infrastructure).

Chayon Technologies’ experts then spearhead a complex strategic move that includes packaging, marking, insurance and transportation to the destination. Upon arrival of the equipment at the destination and for the entire duration of the project, installation will be carried out under the close supervision of the project manager according to steps that are pre-defined with the customer so as to achieve the best results.

Our professional team at Chayon Technologies carries out dozens of projects every year, in the most professional and sensitive way, to enable a smooth and quiet transfer and return of the organization to full activity without downtime.

Our additional solutions

  • Remotely managed HELP DESK service

    From troubleshooting to office transferring services, Chayon Technologies’ services provide solutions for every stage of an organization’s life. We provide customized service solutions adapted to customer needs, which results in our providing a truly comprehensive service experience for all the needs of the organization.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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