Remotely managed HELP DESK service

Chayon Technologies offers its customers a variety of expert services as remotely managed Help Desk services.

Remotely managed service – Help Desk

Whether you need to deal with a disabling malfunction or a limited local malfunction, Chayon Technologies’ team of experts is immediately available to you through a secure, easy, and convenient interface by remote connection.

Our experts provide customers with remote support and service both on the applications level and on that of the system by secure remote control, without the need to wait for an expert to arrive physically at the client’s site. In this way, we can leverage our vast experience to track the fault and deal with it quickly, professionally and without the need to shut down the customer’s activities. With Chayon Technologies’ experts you are never alone.

Service and Support Center

The Service and Support Center can resolve faults remotely using advanced control and monitoring tools that significantly shorten the fault time.

The Service and Support Center constitutes a point of contact for any matter, including computer support for businesses in a variety of cases including malfunctions, installation requests, or any change, improvement, or question. We will take care of any malfunction in computers and/or endpoint equipment, malfunctions in off-the-shelf software and hardware problems, as well as contracted IT services.

Support is active Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Customers with 24/7 service will be connected to a living support expert, not a computer, and will receive support from Chayon Technologies’ on-call experts every day of the week and around the clock, including weekends.

Service calls can be opened at the Service and Support Center by the following means:

  • Direct telephone connection to the Service Center: 073-2633360
  • E-mail:
  • By way of a soon-to-be opened digital call service.

The Support Center is responsible for coordinating the arrival of the service technician at the site if necessary, and for monitoring the resolution of the fault until its completion.

Chayon Technologies invests many resources and efforts in order to provide professional, efficient, and reliable service to all of its various customers, in a computing environment that integrates diverse technological systems and various different SLA requirements.

Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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