Refurbished computer equipment

Technology and IT professionals will always find a way to help their customers lower costs and while staying at the forefront of technology. We at Chayon Technologies have been doing this for over two decades using our refurbished computer equipment unit, which provides refurbishing services that are cost-effective and have a good cost-value ratio.

Sometimes the added value of the latest innovations in computing equipment that surrounds us, such as laptops, desktop computers, AIOs, servers, cameras, tablets, monitors and other accessories, shows only minor differences in regard to computing performance and actual work needs. Therefore, the assimilation of refurbished computer equipment in the organization can lead to significant savings and cost differences of tens of percent.

Along with the attractive price, you will also receive a professional and comprehensive service package, which includes customer service available 24/7 that includes repairs and maintenance by technicians on-site, when necessary, and warranties of up to three years, all customized to your needs and service contract.

Chayon Technologies is a leading company in Israel in the implementation of the ESG concept and is considered one of the largest and most prominent players in the world today in the field of renewed computer equipment. Organizations from all over the world, of all sizes and from all industries, including financial, military, and security services, health and medical equipment, education, governmental, manufacturing and more, choose to use our refurbished computing equipment. Chayon Technologies is a significant player in this world of refurbished equipment. It is considered one of the largest companies in the world, in terms of volume of purchases, equipment refurbishments, renewal factory area, and the number of employees.

We have a huge inventory of IT parts that come from a variety of sources, some of the best in the world, located in strategic points, including the UK, USA, and China. We have inventory warehouses on different continents and our sales staff speaks several languages, allowing us to ship from anywhere to anywhere, with direct shipping from the original manufacturer to our customers (drop shipping).

As a result of all this, Chayon Technologies is well able to leverage its position in the field, to reach out to equipment sources and identify arbitrage gaps, in order to give you, our customers, the best deal for the product you want and need.

In addition, Chayon Technologies purchases computer equipment and unused electronics from a variety of sources, companies, and suppliers around the world, including leasing companies, receiverships, and others.

After a thorough and rigorous inspection by the best professionals in the field, we renew the equipment in professional repair procedures, and in laboratory conditions adapted to the worlds of computing, and local and international regulatory requirements. This activity results in added economic value for organizations and logistical advantages in the removal of equipment from sites where it is no longer needed.

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Think green, work efficiently

Chayon Technologies is a provider of sustainable IT solutions that are based on the vision of the circular economy. The priority of our team is to extend product life of IT equipment as much as possible, in order to reduce the amount of usable technology that is casually thrown into the waste dumps of the world. Your customers, employees, and investors will be happy to hear that you too are joining the circular economy trend.

Therefore, if you are looking for an end-to-end, real, and green solution, in all areas of IT, that can save you a lot of money, even in computing elements that you have not even thought of, feel free to contact one of our sales representatives. The abundance of our models and brands will provide you with a variety of solutions that are in stock, so that the equipment of your choice will reach you as soon as possible.

So why choose Chayon Technologies?

  • No one can compete with us in providing service.
  • We will work on your orders immediately upon their arrival.
  • We have more than 65,000 inventory details.
  • Immediate delivery services (within a day) are available throughout the country, and deliveries abroad depart to their destination the day after the order is received.
  • Our products are sold with a warranties of one to 5 years, according to customer’s request (and priced accordingly).
  • Our IT experts will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to any question.

Our additional solutions

  • Components and Hardware

    Chayon Technologies specializes in original and alternative hardware solutions (Option & Parts), especially in essential components such as processors, memory, and disks, of various types. Chayon Technologies has expertise in locating, purchasing, and assembling core systems in various configurations from a variety of different brands.

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  • End of Life Products - EOL

    Despite the difficulty in locating available inventory, many organizations will prefer to try as much as possible to locate the component, rather than having to undergo tedious procurement processes and re-adapting their enterprise systems to the next generation product. This is where Chayon Technologies goes into action, locating and importing unique and sometimes even rare components, from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world (DropShip).

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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