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We at Chayon Technologies provide a global envelope for the entire organization. Therefore, integration in Chayon Technologies is not just “one more department” but rather a methodology and approach to the work for each and every one of the organization’s employees. Our integration experts are involved in every project from start to finish, and even after its completion. Every year, the department continues to recruit additional experts and even provides advanced expert services through ELK Information Technologies.

ELK joined the All Trade Group in 2018, as an integration company and as a sister company to Chayon Technologies.

ELK was founded in 2004 by Vladimir Lubarsky and Oleg Kovalev and since then has been considered one of the leading companies in the field of integration in Israel. ELK’s vision is characterized and based on the organizational culture of international companies, with ELK instilling the strong principles and foundations found therein in Israeli organizations.

We carry out projects at every level of complexity and in every area of ​​the market. Integration services are reflected in the customer care cycle:

  • Together with the customer, Chayon Technologies’ experts identify the customer’s needs and manner of operation in order to select the product(s) best suited to him.
  • We adapt the product to the needs of the organization, rather than trying to adapt the organization to the product.
  • Product(s) are installed while ensuring their full integration and assimilation with and in all relevant systems.
  • We maintain the products and systems, defining Chayon Technologies’ place in day-to-day care according to the customer’s capabilities and desires.
  • The better our customers know the systems installed in their organization, the easier it is for us to help them quickly. Therefore, with the implementation of the organizational systems, we provide our customers with on-the-job training – and involve the customers in operational activities. As a result, they develop understanding and capabilities and we get more satisfied customers.
  • Chayon Technologies is there for the customer even after the sale / installation. Our professional team returns to the organization to check if changes in the organization’s environment require further adjustments of the solutions. We provide Proactive Maintenance in all areas, without exception, including services.

In conclusion we do everything to enable our customers to engage in business management, while providing the technological envelope and peace-of-mind required to do so.

Our additional solutions

  • Office and Server Farm Relocation Services

    Moving an organization is not a matter of routine. Along with the excitement that comes with it, there are also many arrangements to made, organizing to be done, responsibilities to be met, and coordination of a variety of tasks that must be performed perfectly in order for the transition to be smooth.

    When it comes to moving server farms, the process becomes more complex, and requires maximum precision in order to perform it correctly, quickly and carefully so as to avoid delays when returning to work at the new location.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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