Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Cloud management and backup

We at Chayon Technologies know that a backup strategy, tailored to the needs and nature of the organization, is a necessary component for office transition strategy, disaster recovery, resistance to ransomware and other activities in the life of the organization. Therefore when choosing the right answer for our clients, of all sizes and from all sectors, our experts take into account factors such as budget, the volume of information that must be backed up, and the required extent and duration of the data’s availability.

In the field of cloud backup, our experts structure backup for public, private and/or hybrid clouds in a simple and flexible way that enables protection in all possible work environments. In addition, we also work with all major public cloud providers.

Our professional service makes it possible to ensure complete survival of data, full and quick recovery from disaster, dealing with ransomware attacks and other malicious activity, as well as facilitating a broad decentralization of information that provides great benefits for the organization’s business.

Disaster Recovery - DR

As much as we can possibly protect it, the Internet will never be 100% secure and what security there is cannot be guaranteed forever. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for any scenario. When an information security breach occurs, the danger lies not only in the exposure of information to a foreign entity but also in the need to shut down work in the organization until the lost information is fully recovered. There is no doubt that without a DR system the organization is susceptible to very high economic damages, so when choosing backup software it is important to consider the issue of recovery alongside the ability to store and protect the backed up information.

At Chayon Technologies, we make sure to implement high-quality and effective DR or BCP using either our own Chayon Technology solutions or other software products from the world’s leading brands.

Backup solutions for businesses

Replacing a cloud computer backup, or cloud backup solutions for businesses, is not an everyday matter. Running backup software must be easy, and not require a great deal of investment on the part of the organization. It is therefore important to our experts to provide the organization with rapid response capabilities, fast disaster recovery, and replication capabilities to recover deleted data, while guaranteeing that all these functions are perfectly integrated with all of the organization’s diverse information systems and work with all types of data, files, physical servers (hardware backup services) and/or virtual servers (cloud backup services) and Containers.

Our additional solutions

  • Virtualization

    Chayon Technologies works with the world’s leading manufacturers to implement complex virtual architectures to optimize, economize, expand, and better control the organization’s most valuable asset – its data.

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  • Servers

    Proper server management and adaptation of software to the defined work goals of the organization, are what make integration a central part of the growth engine of the organization. Chayon Technologies will aid in achieving perfect synergy in your computer systems to ensure fast, continuous, and experiential work.

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  • Operating Systems

    Operating systems are the key to running your infrastructure. There are several operating systems, each with different benefits.
    Using the right operating system, customized to the needs of the organization, can help utilize all your hardware resources, thus enabling you to better manage those resources.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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