Chayon Technologies works with the best suppliers in the world, Dell Technology, HPE Lenovo, Fujitsu and more. As a result of our rich experience of over 20 years in the field servers, we know how to adapt the most advanced hardware and software to provide your organization with professional server management and achieve business and professional advantages. We work with all types of infrastructure, in all environments, and in any type and size of organization. We will quickly and easily adapt the right solutions in accordance with your needs and the existing and regulations in your organization.

Choosing a storage server requires accurate and careful planning. Our experts will provide the knowledge, understanding, experience, and assistance necessary to help you make the best possible choice. We can provide you with numerous server solutions, including: Exchange servers, rack mounted servers, general purpose, HPC (High Performance Computing), server racks, and blade servers, including GPU-intensive systems with solutions from the leading companies in the field. Chayon Technologies’ experts will recommend a suitable dedicated server from a variety of recommended storage servers, exactly as per the needs of your organization.

Our additional solutions

  • Operating Systems

    Operating systems are the key to running your infrastructure. There are several operating systems, each with different benefits.

    Using the right operating system, customized to the needs of the organization, can help utilize all your hardware resources, thus enabling you to better manage those resources.

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  • Storage and HCI

    Chayon Technologies provides its customers with characterization, implementation, and support services for storage systems and HCI from the largest manufacturers in the world, such as DELL Technologies, NetApp, HPE, Infindat, VMware and more.

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  • Virtualization

    Chayon Technologies works with the world’s leading manufacturers to implement complex virtual architectures to optimize, economize, expand, and better control the organization’s most valuable asset – its data.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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