Information security management (CISO) as a Service

Also in the field of CISO as a service, we work together and in full cooperation with the customer to help him understand and determine the security management package that is most suitable and effective for him, without compromising regarding the critical needs of his organization. To this end, our experts analyze the client’s needs, assess the existing situation, build professional security systems, and provide guidance throughout the process.

The Information Security Manager service enables organizations to focus on their core activities with peace of mind, knowing that we take care of their data security requirements strictly and consistently. The service provides a solution for all the necessary actions required of a flesh-and-blood Information Security Manager in the organization, with a huge advantage – our service does not need time off for sleep and vacations. We are with you, 24/7 and every day of the year. Our Data security Management service packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Management of the team responsible for the organization’s information and cyber security systems.
  • Management of enterprise data security risks.
  • The annual work plan for data security in the organization.
  • Management and control of the regulatory issues relevant to the organization (PCIDSS, ISO, SOX, PRIVACY).
  • Handling of data security events.
  • Management of data security budgets.
  • Implementation of data security systems.
  • Conducting surveys and penetration tests.
  • Quarterly inspections of vulnerabilities and sensitivity points in the organization’s systems.
  • Control of the identification and authentication mechanisms in the organization.
  • Control over the implementation and prevention of information leakage.
  • Addressing business continuity in the contexts of data security.
  • Data security and risk assessment of third-party companies and suppliers.
  • Execution of data security questionnaires for the organization’s customers required to assess data security risks.
  • Planning and conducting training for employees regarding the importance and regulation of information and cyber security in the organization and raising their level of awareness.
  • Responsibility for the implementation of policies and procedures regarding data security in the organization.
  • Reporting to management at periodic meetings on the status of organizational data security.

Another of our advantages is our ability to provide immediate and complete responses to data security needs as they arise, as we and our customers are backed by the knowledge, products, and expertise of all Chayon Technologies’ teams.

Our additional solutions

  • Data security solutions for applications

    Chayon Technologies provides consulting, implementation and support services with the leading solutions in the field of web application protection from the F5 and Radware companies that provide an important layer of protection against dangerous cyber threats.

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  • Email infrastructure protection solutions

    Many common cyberattacks occur by way of the organizational email. Chayon Technologies provides a wide range of solutions for the protection of email accounts in the Office 365 cloud environment, and local Exchange servers, from the leading companies in the world such as Check Point, Cybonet, Fortinet and others, providing hermetic protection, filtering suspicious mail and blocking threats to the organizational network.

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  • Firewall solutions

    As a senior partner of Fortinet and Checkpoint, Chayon Technologies provides advanced firewall solutions to organizations of all sizes and from all corners of the economy. Our comprehensive service includes consulting, implementation, and support for advanced firewall systems.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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