Our cloud configurations

There are three main cloud service configurations. Each is designed to meet specific business needs and adapt the cloud environment, as much as possible, to the organizational and business processes of the organization.

The most common configuration is software as a service (SaaS): such as Microsoft365, Salesforce, and others.

The second configuration is Platform as a Service (PaaS), which provides tools, such as RDS in AWS, Google Kubernetes Engine, or RadHat OpenShift, needed for the effective implementation of applications.

The third configuration is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that uses a model for paying services in the cloud according to use, such as EC2 Instance from AWS, Azure VM from Microsoft, and more.

Along with these three configurations, Chayon Technologies offers its customers local cloud services, with the software and hardware installed in the company’s offices or in the organization’s data center.

There are three main models for cloud deployment:

Public Cloud: This cloud computing model alludes to making digital assets in the cloud public via the Internet, offered for free or on a subscription basis.

Private cloud: Also known as an “enterprise cloud”. Unlike the public cloud, it serves one company only and does not provide access to unauthorized users.

Hybrid Cloud: As the name implies, this model is a combination of local infrastructure, public cloud, and private cloud. Large companies typically use it to maintain important data in private venues while making other services available on public platforms.

Why move to the cloud?

The transition from previous generation software and cloud adoption are logical steps and occur to one degree or another in all organizations. Manufacturers, for their part, now offer customers a variety of forms of work in the cloud and open up a diverse world for them, which helps them in the advanced adoption of cloud migration solutions, for the benefit of business continuity and / or an investment that pays off fairly quickly.

These are the main reasons to move to the cloud today:

  1. Savings: Reducing costs, time and resources involved in data management, maintenance and payment for services like electricity and floor space.
  2. Scalability: The ability to quickly meet peak requirements on the one hand and lower capacity when needed on the other. All this is done automatically and without effort or time.

Security: Reliable cloud providers regularly upgrade their services in accordance with the latest industry standards and comply with regulations. Such measures are designed to reduce the risk of cyber attacks on customers.

  1. Reliability: Migration to the cloud is also a reliable step in reducing downtime and reducing the risk of future data loss.
  2. Rapid implementation: From the point of view of business growth, the cloud provides unlimited opportunities for organizations and even touches on the degree of implementation of digital innovation. With technological flexibility offered by cloud vendors, enterprise development teams can streamline and accelerate work processes.
  3. Availability: Cloud computing allows our customers and professional teams to access applications from anywhere in the world at any time. That means our customers can move forward and offer their employees a flexible schedule, and a smooth transition to remote work.

Our additional solutions

  • Private Cloud

    The Private Cloud offers great value to the organization and will continue to be an important component in the cloud environments in general and a key component in hybrid clouds. While most organizations today use public clouds as the best solution for cost-effectiveness, performance, and accessibility, some prefer to use private clouds with an emphasis on security and compatibility capabilities.

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  • Hybrid Cloud

    The Hybrid Cloud is an approach that combines public and private clouds to provide organizations with full optimization of the cloud’s cost-use ratio.

    The need to maintain proper workloads, a high degree of security, regulated resource consumption, and the adoption of a flexible cost model, make the hybrid cloud solution very attractive and compelling for many organizations of all fields and sizes.

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Leading Customers

Leading Customers

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